The Challenge Firefighter is a sporting event combining cardio and strenght, the efforts made are almost similar to firefighting efforts.
It is also an exchange of experiences with the different teams coming from Europe and USA.

Let's lay out some rules...

The circuit of the Challenge is an official proof highly regulated. it consists of three different events :

  • the individual race
  • the relay race (3 to 5 participants)
  • the tandem race

These events have to be finished in less than 6 minutes and without running out of air.

It is possible to participate in various events (individual, relay, tandem) but the rest time between 2 events can be very short.
The competitors take this risk with full knowledge of this fact. 

departure firefighter challenge

The competitor may adjust the placement of the highrise pack within the boundaries of the staging area, but shall not have a void of more than one inch (2.54 cm) off the ground.

The start official may exercise discretion to decide if a pack is too bowed.

Other than the high-rise pack, the competitor may not touch any other props, including the hammer.

Upon the order of the start official, competitor will stand on their respective staging pad without touching the high-rise pack. At a random time, the start sequence shall begin. The start sequence count down will finish when the siren sounds. If the competitor touches the high-rise pack before the siren sounds, they will incur a 5 second penalty.

Finishing line firefighter challenge

The course


The start area is at the base of the tower.

1st Step : High-rise Carry Pack

The hose pack cannot be touched before the start.

The hose load and cover may be carried in any manner and must be deposited into the container at the top of the tower, with no part of the pack touching the deck outside of the box.

One foot must be on the top deck before releasing the high-rise pack.

The high-rise pack may not be used as a step.

The hose load must stay on the top platform.

high rise carry pack firefighter challenge

2nd Step : Hoise Hoist

A donut roll of large diameter hose and rope is used for this event.

The competitor is not allowed to stand on anything other than the top platform while hoisting.

The evolution is complete when the roll clears the railing at the top of the tower and is placed in the container on the top floor in less than 3 minutes.

The donut roll must ascend; loss of control, resulting in roll touching ground after start of ascend will result in disqualification (as observed by a course official).

Proper placement is on, or in the container with no part of the donut touching the deck outside of the box.

The donut roll must stay on the top platform.

hoise host firefighter challenge

3rd Step : Forcible Entry

The forcible entry evolution utilizes the Keiser Force Machine (a chopping simulator). Using the provided nine pound (4kg) shot mallet, and with both feet on the diamond plate surface, the competitor must drive the sled, a ≈ 160lb. (72.5kg) steel beam a horizontal distance of five feet (1.5m). Pushing, raking or hooking the beam is not allowed; only the head of the mallet is allowed to strike the beam.

The handle must not come in contact with the beam at any time.

The upper edge of the beam will be covered with pressure sensitive material, making infractions visible by a mark thereon.

Both hands must be above the tape mark on the handle (12 inches [30.5cm] from the top [head] end) at the point of impact.

Any part of the hammer must be placed on the designated 2 foot by 3 foot (61cm x 91cm) mat. Contacting the mat is defined as the hammer being in contact with the imaginary plane that extends vertically from the border of the mat. 

forcible entry firefighter challenge

4th Step : Hose Advance

The competitor must negotiate the 140 foot (42.6m) slalom course without missing or knocking over any delineator (including the target).

The competitor must pick up the nozzle end of the 1 3/4 inch; (4.45cm) charged hose line and drag it a distance of 75 feet (22.8m).

Once the nozzle penetrates the swinging doors (i.e., crosses the threshold 75 feet distant), the competitor opens the nozzle, hits the target with the water stream, shuts down the nozzle and places the nozzle on the pavement.

The nozzle must not be opened before penetrating the swinging doors.

If the nozzle is not shut before it is set down, the competitor must go back and close it.

hose advance firefighter challenge

5th Step : Victim Rescue

A 175lb. mannequin dressed in turnout gear must be lifted and dragged backwards a distance of 100 feet. Carrying the dummy is not permitted.

Time stops when the competitor and mannequin completely crosses the finish line.

It is the responsibility of the competitor to drag the heels of the mannequin over the finish line. If the heels of the dummy do not make contact with the finish line (i.e. - the competitor lunges or falls), a stopwatch time will be used, and a one second penalty will be assessed. 

victim rescue firefighter challenge

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